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71. DFN-Betriebstagung
NHR-Strategieausschuss nimmt Arbeit auf
DFN-Infobrief Recht Ausgabe August 2019 erschienen
DFN-Mitteilungen: Ausgabe Nr. 95
Karriere beim DFN
Leistungssteigerung ermöglicht Nutzercommunity High Speed Netzanbindung von bis zu 200 Gbit/s

European National Research and Education Networks

Success through co-operation

DFN-Verein co-operates very closely with several European organizations. The ultimate aim is an efficient and effective collaboration of the communications services both on a national and an international level. The activities of the national research and education networks are supported by two European organizations:

DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technologies to Europe) based in Cambridge, UK, was established by national research and education networks, amongst others also DFN- Verein.
DANTE's most important task is to organize provision and operation of a communications infrastructure for the national research and education networks in Europe.

TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Network Association) organizes the co-operation between national research and education networks in the areas of development, testing and promotion of new technologies, particularly applications and middleware. This co-operation is further promoted by conferences, workshops and seminars.

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