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Law at DFN

Legal aspects of the use of advanced communications services

The use of the Internet and the Germanresearch and education network as part of  the Internet raises a multitude of new and unresolved legal issues. Therefore, DFN-Verein established a law research group at the university in Münster. This group runs a project on legal issues within the context of the use of DFN and makes results available to the public.

This research institution deals with legal matters in the following way:

  • DFN legal guide and informational base
    continually updated basic document as pertaining to the subject of „law at DFN“ and comprehensive background information on the themes outlined in the DFN legal guide;
  • Recommendations
    publication of instructions, recommendations and standard texts with regard to legal matters relevant to a large number of institutions at DFN which can also be deemed as guidelines;
  • Enquiries
    response to legal enquiries by members concerning legal matters in the use of the network;
  • DFN-Infobrief Recht
    publication of a bulletin on the current legislative amendments and legal developments in all areas relevant to the use of the DFN;
  • Statements and positions
    statements about draft laws and bills that stipulate the conditions of the use of electronic information and communications services;
  • Talks
    workshops regularly held on current legal questions, particularly in the general assembly and at DFN conferences

If you have any questions or comments on the topic „law at DFN“, please email us at recht@dfn.de.

Author(s): J. Pattloch Contact: J. Pattloch
created: 15.05.2003      updated: 07.09.2015