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71. DFN-Betriebstagung
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Leistungssteigerung ermöglicht Nutzercommunity High Speed Netzanbindung von bis zu 200 Gbit/s


The legal research group at DFN regularly informs the members of DFN-Verein and the users of the German research and education network through talks and discussion forums about current legal developments. The speeches and talks are grouped according to the following categories.

  • Legal seminars
    Following the bi-annual general assemblies, the legal research group at DFN informs the members about current developments in legislation and jurisdiction.
  • Forum for legal issues
    At bi-annual conferences, employees of the computing centers get the opportunity to obtain and exchange information about legal developments in Internet law.
  • Other events
    DFN-Verein offers its members and the users of the German research and education network the opportunity to be informed about Internet related legal matters at various events other than the regularly scheduled meetings. Moreover, the legal research group occasionally attends external events run at different occasions.

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