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9. DFN-Forum Kommunikationstech- nologien am 31. Mai und 01. Juni 2016
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Network access for travelling scientists

With DFNRoaming, registered users can access the research and education network on short notice and without any additional registration, not only from their own but also from other scientific institutions. DFNRoaming is embedded in corresponding European projects, (see www.eduroam.org), which aim to enable transparent cross-border usage of all research and education networks.

DFNRoaming is established in close cooperation between DFN-Verein and the computing centers of the institutions connected to the research and education network. Initially, DFNRoaming offers access to the research and education network via WLAN. If required, DFNRoaming can also be employed for cable connections.

Fees for DFNRoaming are included in the DFNInternet service fee. There are no additional costs imposed on the users of DFNRoaming, e.g. unlike the use of commercial hotspots.

In addition to DFNRoaming, UMTS or one of the more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots of T-Mobile in Germany can be used to access the research and education network.

This enhances the possibilities to access data stored at their home institutions for users in the scientific environment.

The mobile communication service agreement between DFN-Verein and the T-Systems enables scientific institutions to conclude additional contracts for the usage of UMTS, and WLAN hotspots. Orders need to be placed with reference to the mobile communications service agreement.

Further information about conditions, end devices, ordering procedures etc. may be requested by email at: dfnmobility@dfn.de.

Consultation and advice on the service:


Author(s): J. Pattloch Contact: J. Pattloch
created: 25.12.2003      updated: 07.09.2015