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DFN scheduler

Easy and fast coordination of appointments

One of the frequently executed tasks of the users of the German Research and Education Network is the coordination of events. The designated participants often require coordination of possible appointments via a freely accessible platform.

With the DFN scheduler, the DFN association provides a tool to coordinate appointments. The DFN scheduler pays special attention to the protection of data on the one hand, and the data economy on the other not choosing to provide additional features.

The DFN scheduler can be used as such without any registration. Moreover, upon access to the DFN scheduler no IP addresses are stored. All data used in the process of scheduling are exclusively stored in Germany with the DFN association, and are not passed onto a third party for any other purpose than the respective appointment being made. Additionally, for each appointment scheduled a date of expiration must be indicated on which the appointment scheduled with all its data entered will be deleted automatically.

The DFN scheduler can be used free of charge. Start DFN scheduler

Should the users take advantage of an alteration of a planned appointment, they need to allow a cookie to be set.




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