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Leistungssteigerung ermöglicht Nutzercommunity High Speed Netzanbindung von bis zu 200 Gbit/s


High data rates between fixed locations

No matter what the intent, either for the exchange of large data sets in a research project or for a distributed backup strategy in an association, the ideal solution for high-speed data communication between a limited number of sites is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

By now, there are numerous virtual private networks established in the DFN. Customized according to the requirements of the employed applications, the technical opportunities of the research and education network are capitalized on and individual solutions are elaborated. For each VPN connection, the head office of DFN-Verein designs a technical concept and calculates the costs involved.

For illustration purposes, several typical application scenarios for Virtual Private Networks are listed below:

  • Intranets for multiple sites
  • Backup of data in cooperative associations
  • Distribution of large data sets in scientific communities
  • Virtualized scientific devices

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