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Leistungssteigerung ermöglicht Nutzercommunity High Speed Netzanbindung von bis zu 200 Gbit/s
Die DFN-Mitteilungen Nr. 93 sind erschienen
DFN-Infobrief Recht Ausgabe Juni 2018 erschienen
11. DFN-Forum Kommunikations- technologien am 27. und 28. Juni 2018

The research and education network X-WiN

Tailor-made for science and research

The research and education network X-WiN is the technical platform of DFN. Universities, research institutions and research departments of commercial enterprises are connected with one another in Germany, and are networking with the research and education networks in Europe and on the other continents via X-WiN.

Moreover, X-WiN has high-performance peering points with the common Internet at its disposal.

With connecting capacity of up to 100 gigabits and a multi- terabit core network which spans about 60 core locations, X-WiN is one of the most powerful communications networks in the world.

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