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Take X-WiN to its users

In order to connect the users’ local are networks (LAN) to the research and education network, DFN-Verein provides the necessary access lines. In most cases, users may choose the installation location within Germany. The users of DFN-Verein can also have multiple access lines installed in various places.

Normally, to establish a connection, DFN-Verein implements two path redundant links (access lines) to two different core network sites of the research and education network. This redundant connectivity increases the fault-tolerance of the network access to a point, where users are enabled to conduct business critical operations (e.g., the re-registration of a student via the world wide web) over networked infrastructures.

For the different network services, DFN-Verein provides various access links. The most common links are connections to the IP platform to make use of the services of DFNInternet, respectively layer 2/3 VPN. Several users are directly connected to the optical platform to make use of the layer 2 VPN.

     updated: 07.09.2015 |