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Fibre platform

Functional control guarantees important advantages

A Germany-wide network which comprises about 10,000 km of dark fibre resulting in several rings of optical fibre, the fibre platform, constitutes the basis of the X-WiN. The fibre platform connects the core network sites of X-WiN via at least two independent optical fibres so that accessibility of each core network site of the network is guaranteed.

The fibre platform is connected to GÉANT, the European network jointly organized by the national research and education networks. Additionally, the fibre platform is directly connected to the research and education networks of several neighbouring countries by so-called cross-border-fibres.

DFN-Verein organizes the fibre platform in its own responsibility, and can thus realize the resulting benefits like almost inexhaustible bandwidth as well as a customized topology for its users. DFN-Verein continuously extends the fibre platform according to its users' demand.

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