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IP Platform

Premium IP for all

The routers at the core network locations are interconnected by a multitude of connections realized on the optical platform. Together, they create a redundant network for the IP platform of X-WiN. The IP platform serves both DFNInternet and Virtual Private Networks (layer3-VPN) for closed user groups. Additionally to IPv4, the IP platform also supports the upcoming IPv6.

DFN-Verein aims to meet the following high standards for quality of service of the IP platform:

  • The one-way-delay of IP packets shall be less than 1ms per 100 km of fibre length,
  • the delay variation (jitter) shall be less than 0.1 ms per 100 km of fibre length,
  • the packet loss rate of IP packets shall be 0.

DFN-Verein constantly evaluates these parameters and publishes them on its Web presence. Thus, users can assure themselves at all times that these ambitious goals are met or even exceeded.

The IP platform is connected to international research and education networks as well as to mostly commercial networks of the general Internet via several Internet Exchange (IX) points.
The bandwidth of these interconnections is designed to offer unsurpassed connectivity for the users of X-WiN to the international research and education networks. Moreover, the remaining networks of the general Internet can be accessed at superior quality, provided these also meet the high standards of Quality of Service (QoS).

DFN-Verein continuously extends the IP platform according to the requirements of its users.

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