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Middleware platform

No service without middleware

In addition to a high-quality network infrastructure customized communications services requires versatile software functionality. In general, users experience this functionality only indirectly since it is utilized as part of the operational processes for the provision of the services. To maximize the benefit for the majority of its users, DFN-Verein predominantly integrated generic software components in its network. Combined, these software components form the middleware platform of the German research and education network.

Examples for the functionality provided by the middleware platform are the mechanisms that enable the execution of multi-point video conferences in the DFNVideoConference service or those, which enable the DFN-PKI service to issue digital certificates.

DFN-Verein continuously extends and develops the middleware platform according to its users' requirements. It pays particular attention to the sustainability of the utilized middleware components over its entire „life cycle“.


     updated: 07.09.2015 |