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Optical platform

An almost inexhaustible supply of bandwidth

The DWDM systems currently deployed in X-WiN offer the possibility to establish a great number of simultaneous connections (wavelengths) between the core-network sites. Thus, DFN-Verein is able to exploit an almost inexhaustible supply of bandwidth. These connections make up the optical platform of X-WiN, that is used for the interconnection of routers to an IP platform as well as for the establishment of Virtual Private Networks, called layer-2-VPNs. The layer-2-VPNs are built for closed user groups, particularly users with exceedingly high demands for bandwidth.

Each connection on the optical platform can be configured with a stand-by connection on a redundant route. This technique is called automatic protection switching and aims to meet highest demands with respect to availability.

The optical platform is connected to the G├łANT network and also to the national research and education networks of several neighbouring countries. This approach ensures the seamless integration of the users of X-WiN with the special networks of the international scientific communities like high-energy physics or resource providers like high- performance computing centers.

DFN-Verein continuously extends the optical platform according to its users' demands.

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