Network and Communication

Connectivity and performance with the highest-possible availability: From real-time communication to maximum data throughput, our X-WiN research network provides communications services based on the needs of participating science and research institutions.


The Link to Science

The DFNInternet service provides the connection to our X-WiN research network as well as the collective European and international research networks available through the GÉANT European research network. Additionally, participating institutions have access to all subnetworks of the internet (IP Transit).

The service is tailored to the specific needs of the science and research community at large, and thus conceptualized to focus on high data transfer rates, low latency, and minimal runtime variability.

With an optimized topology, a high-performance core network, and cutting-edge router technology, DFNInternet provides the infrastructure needed for application that require high-quality communication: be it with the European Observatory in Chile or accessing a supercomputer on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

As one of the world’s highest performance communication networks, we support a variety of cross-disciplinary and international cooperation between large research consortia.