DFN-Internet at a Glance

With the DFN-Internet service, we provide participating institutions with an internet protocol (IP) communications service. Using DFN-Internet, members can access the X-WiN research network, all other cooperating research networks around the globe, as well as all other subnetworks in the internet (IP-transit).

DFN-Internet is oriented to the specific, challenging needs of the scientific community. DFN-Internet is oriented towards the needs of the most challenging projects in science and has been consistently designed for high data transmission rates as well as low latencies and runtime fluctuations. Real-time applications, such as VoIP and video conferencing services are also well supported.

Further Information

Service description
Click the link below to find detailed information about the DFN-Internet service, including connection types, transfer interfaces, IP-routing, and implementation. For documentation related to framework agreements or service agreements, please contact us directly.

Costs and Fees
You can find information for the costs and fees that correspond with the services DFNInteret, DFN-DoS Basic Protection, DFN-CERT, DFN-PKI, DFN-AAI, DFNconf, eduroam, DFN-MailSupport, and DFN-Listserv. These charges took effect on January 1, 2022 at the decision of the 80th General Assembly of Participating Institutions.

Participant Portal
Participating institutions can get a compact overview of technical parameters, such as their agreed-upon service categories, responsible contact people, managed IP-network spaces, and information for the connection itself such as transfer capacity, interfaces in use, and installation locations to the X-WiN connection. In addition, the portal offices participants complete access to core data such as information about the contract or the service agreement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us here: 030 884299-9137 or teilnehmerportal@dfn.de.


Your personal contact persons
Steffen Funk & Daniel Micklisch will help you with:

  • Contractual questions
  • Information on the fee schedule
  • Advice on connection types

030 884299-9100 | dfninternet@dfn.de

In case of malfunctions: Participants receive the contact information for the 24/7 hotline as part of new orders or can request it individually.