DFN-Security at a Glance

With the DFN-Security service, the DFN Association provides participating institutions with an institution-operated bundle of feature to increase information security of their IT infrastructures.

DFN-Security is oriented on the specific needs of research organizations with a particular focus on heterogeneous IT landscapes such as those often found in research organizations. Equipped with one of the most extensive portfolios for promoting security at IT scientific organizations, DFN-Security supports the stable, secure operation that lead to excellent research in Germany. The service includes features that ensure availability, integrity, and trust in organizations data and systems.

DFN-Security offers all participating institutions its basic services and can provide enhanced features for institutions with particular needs such as extremely high data protection and encryption needs.

Further Information

The technical details of the features can be found on the DFN-Security information pages.

Service Description
You can find detailed information about the DFN-Security service and the basic and additional categories in the service description.

Costs and Fees
In accordance with the DFN Association schedule of fees, participating institutions with the DFNInternet service or service packet are entitled to the services provided through the basic support services. There is no separate fee associated with this service.

The enhanced services do come with a separate fee as agreed upon during the member meeting from June 14, 2022.

DFN-Security Portal
Participating institutions recieve access to the DFN-Security Portal in order to configure features associated with their service agreement, such as automatically generated warning notifications. The DFN-Security portal is the user management interface for accessing and configuring the basic services provided through the DFN-Security service.

If you have questions or comments, you can reach us at: portal-contact@dfn-cert.de
Our colleagues will also support you with technical questions regarding the DFN-Security service.

Your personal support contacts

Heike Ausserfeld and Ralf Gröper will gladly help you with:

  • Consultations regarding terms of service
  • Contract information
  • Information regarding fees

030 884299-9123 | dfn.security@dfn.de

In the event of an acute attack or security breach, please contact DFN-Cert directly:

040 808077-590 | cert@dfn-cert.de