Communicate Globally

More than ever before, international cooperation contributes to success when it comes to science and research. In order to ensure these channels are open, researchers need a safe, fast, reliable national research network with excellent international connectivity.

In almost every country, there is a national research and education network (NREN) for similar to the DFN. In Europe, these networks are connected to one another through GÉANT, a backbone network that is organized and administered by the GÉANT Association in Amsterdam.

International Connectivity

Currently, X-WiN is linked to GÉANT with 600 gigabit-per-second connection.

Additionally, GÉANT connects Europe with other international research networks: The connection to the North American research networks Internet2, ESnet, and CANARIE are distributed across several fiber optic cables, each with a capacity of 100 Gbit/s. Since completion of the BELLA project, an undersea cable connects GÉANT with Latin America.

Connections to Africa, Asia, and Australia are largely forged through the continents’ respective regional research networks. Among others, these organizations are WACREN (West and Central Africa), UbuntuNet Alliance (East and South Africa), ASREN (North Africa), and TEIN (Asia and Australia). Initiatives for the set up and operation of these international connections were partially funded through European Commission projects, among them EaPConnect, AfricaConnect2, and EUMEDCONNECT3.