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Leistungssteigerung ermöglicht Nutzercommunity High Speed Netzanbindung von bis zu 200 Gbit/s
Die DFN-Mitteilungen Nr. 93 sind erschienen
DFN-Infobrief Recht Ausgabe Juni 2018 erschienen
11. DFN-Forum Kommunikations- technologien am 27. und 28. Juni 2018


With the broad mandate of its members

The legal form of DFN is registered association. This decision has been very well validated over the past 20 years and still has numerous advantages. In an association like ours the members can directly participate in the planning and orientation through the general assembly. Membership in this association requires only the payment of comparatively low dues but does not require the acquisition of shares, which is restricted for institutions under public law.

By the statutes of the association, DFN expresses its purpose and underscores that it pursues solely non-profit goals. With this legal form of a registered association DFN is able to organize the broad mandate of its members and express its non-profit purpose.

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